Why You Should get In Home Family Photos Done Now

Why You Should get In Home Family Photos Done Now

When I got pregnant with our daughter, I realized quickly how fast time was passing. And as we hit pregnancy milestones one after another as if we were in a time warp, I started to wish desperately that I could stop time. I wanted to remember every minute of it, and I realized that our baby's childhood would rush by just as fast if not faster than pregnancy.  It's because of this that I decided I would document as much of our life as possible whether that be taking the photos ourselves or hiring someone to take photos of us. Our life is not perfect, and our home is not exactly what I want it to be, but I can honestly say that these pictures are absolutely perfect. They show me the messier moments of our days together, the days we will never get back. They hold such dear memories, and every time I look at them, I am glad that we document our life in our home. 

There were, and still are, days that I just don't feel like I want pictures done. There are days when I  wish I could lose more baby weight faster, but I know that in a year, or five years or 20 years, I'll want to look back on these days and see the truth of how they were, on what I looked like as a new mom. I'll want to remember the first home my daughter grew up in, the obsession I had with plaid pillows, the play gym she took naps under even though she was supposed to be doing "tummy time". 

There is no time like today. Get these pictures done of your family now even if you don't think your life is pretty enough. I honestly think this process of getting in home, genuine photos done applies to life whether you're single, just married, want maternity photos done, and of course, once you've had your kids and even when your kids have grown up and moved out. There are so many beautiful moments in life to capture. Scroll down for a few tips for getting photos done in your own home.

1) Hire a photographer who makes you feel comfortable in your own home. When I shoot family portraits at home, I try to make sure that I am a fly on the wall. I give little instruction (unless the family requests it), and I move through their life in a quiet and calm manor. These are moments for you to remember! I want it to be as calm and personal as possible. 

2) Put a little bit of makeup on prior to the photos so you feel fresh and renewed! I know how exhausting life gets, and it always makes me feel better to just spread on some concealer and lipstick. 

3) Take a walk through your favorite park or pretty parts of your neighborhood (places you'd walk on a normal basis) while the shoot is happening and get some photos done outside. It's a fun way to mix things up.

4) Go through activities you would go through if the camera wasn't there. Make breakfast or dinner together. Play with your kids on the floor, stay in bed late and cuddle. Your photographer can help you map out these moments so that you aren't trying to figure out what to do, but also to keep things feeling natural and not posed or forced. 

Bonus: Hire a stylist to come in and add a few touches to your space that will feel true to who you are while making your home feel just a touch more curated. The added plus is that the stylist can help to create an environment that can make you feel even more comfortable. 

Sarah Carpenter