Why Hiring a Stylist Will Give you More Time with Your Wedding Photographer

As a designer, my goal is to get to know my couples well enough that I can pull stories and details from their lives to weave into their wedding design. This helps us design everything from paper goods, flowers, attire, menus, and rentals. On a wedding day, my team and I pull together all of these pieces to tell a cohesive story through the styling of all these details.
— Amy Ly, Gather Design Company

As a photographer, my job is to wear quite a lot of different hats on your wedding day. I usually carry an emergency kit with safety pins, band aids, and a lot of other random stuff to make your day run more smoothly. I usually carry a styling board for your paper products, your shoes, your jewelry and have a basic knowledge of styling these items to give you some beautiful memories of all the little details you put the time and effort into choosing for your wedding day. I'll bustle the bride's dress if I need to or round family members up or keep time on my clock to make sure everything is going according to schedule. I really will do whatever you need me to do! Of course, the main hat I wear on your wedding day is photographer, and that is by far the one I am the most qualified for.

And while you can rest assured that I can and will do any of these things for you on your important day, what I'd really love to do the most is the job you hired me for. The more time I get to spend photographing your day, the better I can capture your memories. This is one of the reasons why I truly love when couples hire a wedding stylist. I am not talking about a wardrobe stylist or hair and makeup artist (both are truly amazing assets to the wedding creative team as well, and I love when my couples hire these talented people, but that's not what this post is about). What I'm talking about is designers. These amazingly talented people who come in to the process to craft your dream wedding by spending tons of time with you, learning about who you are and pulling together inspiration from what they learn as well as from the venue and natural surroundings. These people also take the time to pull your details together, those paper products, pieces of jewelry, shoes, veil, cuff links, reception space, etc, and style them. Once they've done this, I can literally come into those spaces, shoot what's already been beautifully curated and leave that space. 

And do you know what I get to do then? I get to spend more time with you while you laugh with your bridesmaids or have drinks with your groomsmen.  I get to stay longer at your reception and get the pictures of the bridal party jumping in the lake in their formal wear (I mean, come on, how much fun does this sound? Am I right?). I also get to take pictures of your reception with the candles lit (because I don't have to worry about taking the time to light them myself which I totally do, it just takes longer), and then I get to run back to your cocktail hour and take tons of pictures of your loved ones! When there's no stylist, I have to take the time out of shooting you to style details. And while I love this process, I truly do, it does take time. Not only does it take time, but it is not an easy thing to accomplish and make look really truly effortless. A stylist can do it more quickly because he or she is skilled. It's their job to know how to create these detailed pieces, to design your wedding around you, to make everything cohesive and be able to see it come together more quickly than I can. 

So moral of the story? If you can hire a stylist or a wedding designer for your wedding day, do it! And hire people who work well with your photographer and visa versa.  It's worth it for way more reasons than that I get to spend more time with you and give you the best photography experience I can. 

Styled by Lacy Geary

Sarah Carpenter