Pregnancy Announcement Portraits at Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington

When I met Petra for the first time (which was very late, in my opinion as she has just moved out of the country and she is a fantastic person to know), we talked about wedding design and planning and goals for our businesses. I could tell by the way she talked about her work that she was someone I wanted to work with, and I could tell by her kindness and spirit that she was someone I’d want to be friends with. Then she told me she wanted to have me photograph an anniversary session for her and her husband. That sealed the deal. I’m just kidding, we would have been friends anyways, but I can’t lie and say it didn’t make my day. Things got busy for both of us, time went on, and we didn’t get to do the session.

Finally, over the summer, Petra hired me for a fun anniversary session that was to take place at a local beach park her husband (I should quit calling him “her husband”. His name is Matt)… anyways, the session was to take place at a local park where Petra and Matt would take their dog often. The day of the shoot was stunning, gloriously sunny, and cool. One of those transitional days between summer and fall. I want to say it was not even close to the end of summer, but that doesn’t stop Seattle weather from cooling down, am I right? Then surprises started to hit us. First, there was a horrible sewage leak into the water so all the beaches in Seattle were closed. So we changed locations. The second location had a tribal pow-wow happening, so we tried for a third. This location was the Discovery Park bluff with beautiful views, long golden grasses, and a meadow that meant a great deal to them. Then came the next surprise. This session was not an anniversary session. Nope. No siree, bob. But who’s bob? That doesn’t matter now. This was a pregnancy announcement session. My heart leapt for them! Petra and Matt are having a little boy in 2020.

I didn’t get to have these two in my Seattle life for long with their move coming so quickly, but you can bet I will be hanging out with them whenever I get the chance (and squeezing that little boy as much as I can).

Sarah Carpenter