New York City in Home Maternity Session for Susie Saltzman

Getting to meet this sweet and talented human in her home in New York City was just the most perfect experience. She lives in a gorgeous apartment, the kind I could only dream of one day purchasing for my future New York pad (here’s hoping, crossing all the fingers and praying hard). I arrived a little early, and even though we’ve chatted over the years on social media, I will admit I was a tad nervous to meet her. In my eyes, she is a star. Susie makes the most beautiful wedding and engagement rings and is well known throughout the wedding industry. I was invited into her cozy home, out of the cold, and she immediately offered me a coffee. We chatted about all things motherhood and running your own business, juggling baby and work and how to “have it all”. I don’t remember the exact conversation details, but I remember she exuded a determination to be great at both areas of her life, and I connected with that on a deep level.

During our session, Susie lit up even more. She was radiant and had that perfect pregnancy glow everyone talks about. Her poise and grace in her movements (especially her hands! I love how she moves her hands) were so inspiring to me. I loved getting to do these photos of her pregnancy. She will be such an amazing mother, and I cannot wait to meet her little girl.

Sarah Carpenter