Mother and Baby Portraits Amy and Francis

Mother and Son, Fine Art Portraits by Sarah Carpenter Photography

Motherhood has made it increasingly clear that portraits of babies are completely, 100% necessary. I always used to think that babies were the same from the time they were born until they were toddlers. Of course I didn’t really think that, but I never could really comprehend that babies change constantly. I mean constantly. One day I’ll look at my sweet babe, and she’ll be struggling to stand against the table, and the next she’s cruising from one stable surface to the next to a bag that no longer gives her support and plop. She’s on the floor. The truth is, babyhood, childhood, life. It’s all so fleeting. Time seems to speed up when you have kids.

In realizing this, I have fallen in love with photographing families in every different way I can think. Family portraits, mom and baby portraits, dad and baby portraits, baby by him or herself! They are all so important. In the home, in the studio, out in beautiful landscape, I’m dreaming of photographing it all. So when I had the chance to photograph Amy and her sweet baby boy on black and white film, in the studio, I was thrilled. I love the simplicity of these portraits, a moment in time captured with no fuss, just Amy and Francis and a backdrop. I hope to continue doing portraits like these more and more in the future.

Sarah Carpenter