A Day at Lowther Castle

A Day at Lowther Castle | Fine Art Travel Photographer | The Lake District, England

In the rolling hills of England’s Lake District, enchantment can be found around every corner. Do I sound like a commercial yet? But truly, I was left breathless by the stunning natural beauty of the Lake District. I didn’t want to leave.

One day, we took a little car ride out to see Lowther Castle and walk the grounds of the most beautiful ruins. This place has been so beautifully upkept and is currently undergoing restoration, but I could still feel the history surrounding it. There’s always something so haunting and beautiful about ruins. The way the earth has regained it’s land, the growth of greenery on the stone, engulfing the manmade structure is like a marriage of man and nature. I love that. I love the way the two elements collide and intertwine.

Sarah Carpenter