Lindsay & Wesley Adventure Anniversary on Whidbey Island, Washington

The very idea of participating in such a genuine way of styling for photographers moved me. So I signed up for Loom Curated as fast as I could. I was completely taken with the concept Ginny Au put before us. The concept being allow your subjects to move through a series of actions that tell their story so clearly and true to who they are without any interference from the photographer. Everything that Ginny put together for the four shoots at Loom flowed so smoothly and beautifully that there were times when I actually just put my camera down to watch the scene unfold. Of course, I didn’t put my camera down that often.

Lindsay and Wesley’s shoot was the most fast paced, fun, exhilarating shoot I’ve ever done. The adventurous session included a car ride to Ebey’s landing, wind in the hair, old fashioned maps, and polaroid cameras. It included a picnic by the beach and music that will forever remind me of summer road trips.

From Loom Curated, Styled and Curated by Ginny Au.

Huge thank you to Lauren Kurc, Kaela Rawson, Tara Spencer, Promptly Journals, Froufrou Chic, Emma Natter, Sara of Wild Carrot Blooms, and Photovision for all of the love you put into assisting on this magical workshop.

Sarah Carpenter