Fine Art Maternity Session with Brittany


I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think that pregnancy was beautiful. Even as a kid, I was always completely awed by pregnancy. The miracle of growing a person inside your body is incredible. It wasn’t until I was pregnant last year, however, that I really truly realized what an incredible thing it really was. I remember wishing that I could be pregnant just a little longer so that I could experience it just a little longer. The kicks, the mystery of wondering what the child will be like, the anticipation of adding all those little fingers and toes and poochy lips to the family just had me giddy the entire time (and nervous, and anxious, and scared etc etc). And now that I’m not pregnant anymore (I mean it’s been almost a year… jeez where does the time go?) I have realized how fleeting the moment is. When you’re in it, it feels like this is the new you, your body will just be pregnant forever. That’s how I felt anyways… and now I struggle to remember even the feeling of kicks in my belly.

So having the chance to photograph Brittany’s second pregnancy was an incredible thing for me. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to capture this time for her. She is such a beautiful, strong, confident mother of a handsome little boy, and she will bring sweet Bella into this world with such a fierce love. I can’t even handle the excitement I feel about it. Not to mention how STUNNING Brittany is as an expecting mother.

Now I’m reeling with ideas of how to shoot more and more maternity sessions in the studio, outside, in the home! Give me more! And thus, I conclude this paragraph that was only one sentence long.

Sarah Carpenter