Driving Through Ireland

Another quick trip to Ireland, but this time it was supposed to be longer. We flew into Dublin and had one amazing day running around trying to see all that we could and also fit in a high tea on our first day of our month long adventure. We could not believe the praise we received from the staff even though Sofie really did not want to sit for sandwiches and pastries. She loves pastries. She just didn’t want to sit for them. Soon after we finished our tea we left for Kinsale. Guys, it’s a bad idea to go to tea right before a 5 hour road trip. Needless to say there were lots of pitstops. The sunset as we were leaving Dublin, so the rest of the road trip took place in the dark, but we had to be in Bantry the next morning to do a shoot with the talented and amazingly sweet Lindsay of House of Hannah.

One of the things that I hate doing the most on trips is arriving at a new destination when it’s already dark outside. It gives. me. the. creeps. Is that just me? Does anyone else feel like this?

Well we stopped at a McDonalds (okay two. One because of that massive amount of tea drinking before we left…and one for dinner. Because it was the only thing open. literally). Sofie made eyes at a teenage men’s football team (football as in Soccer), ate some white meat chicken nuggets sans the breading, and we grabbed some ice cream cones to go. By the time we got to Kinsale, listening to James Corden talk about Round John Virgin, just listen to his Audio book for that reference, it was dark, silent, damp and anything but magical. We parked our gigantic Toyota on a hill and dragged the suitcases down to the Airbnb in two trips.

Our next large amount of driving was the next day, guys. The NEXT day. We drove to Bantry, did a shoot, the drove over a mountain. Let that sink in. I’ll wait. Just kidding, it’s not that dramatic. So we drove over a mountain without knowing that’s what the GPS was having us do, and it was so scary going up into the fog, zero visibility, sheep in our path, Ben sitting on the right side of the car. One lane for a two way road. Okay, maybe a little dramatic. We drove until we reached Kenmare, plopped our things in a new place, ate delicious lamb stew and Irish soda bread and had the worst night of our lives before getting on the road again. Remember when I wrote that article about traveling with a 9 month old? This was one of those, accept it and move on nights. Sofie just could not sleep and not only that but she cried, loudly, for hours even if we were holding her. It was literally the worst night ever. But the next morning was beautiful, she took a luxurious nap in her stroller during our morning walk through the misty, chilly hotel grounds and then more naps on our drive… yes again… through the countryside. We didn’t have time to drive the whole Ring of Kerry, but what we saw of it was breathtaking.

We had a mad dash around Ireland until we finally made it back to the Cork airport literally just in time for our flight to start boarding. There was so much driving in the few days we were in town, but what is amazing is just how relaxing it was (even with the tiny, narrow streets) to drive through that beautiful, green, rocky, windswept countryside. I’d do it again tomorrow if I had the money.

Sarah Carpenter