A Quick Glimpse into Lake Como

We ran around Lake Como like crazy people probably because we are crazy. Staying in the Italian part of Switzerland really had it’s perks, and being so close to one of the places I’ve been dying to see was one major one. For some reason, after driving from Nice to Locarno the day before, we decided it would be awesome to drive an hour and a half to Menaggio so we could run around, take some pictures, play peekaboo with Sofie in her stroller (let’s face it, that was all her. She started the game on her own, she played it with us laughing but not really having to insert anything except amusement at the way she’d pull her blanket up over her face and bring it back down with a maniacal giggle), jump on a ferry, breathe in that amazing Lake Como air, run around Varenna like crazy people jumping in and out of shops that just happened to still be open, shoot until the sun went down, eat pizza with cappuccinos at a local bar, jump back on the ferry and drive an hour and a half back to Locarno. Needless to say, it rivaled even the grandest of Pooh’s adventures. Oh, you don’t speak in Winnie the Pooh references? So sorry. Mom brain has got me quoting Pooh like it’s nobody’s business.

Lake Como was magic. I could feel it in my soul. What a healing place. Just standing on the ferry and feeling that wind in my face, seeing the gorgeous colors and textures of the Italian architecture, it made my heart so full and relaxed. By the time we had arrived in Menaggio and Varenna, the towns were both quiet, at the end of a long day of (most likely) tourism. I’m not one for Geography classes or rather any sort of Anthropology. Nope, not even a little… okay. That’s not true. I’m not into these things until I get excited about a place. Whenever we visit a city I’ve fallen in love with or stay in a historical building, I spend so much time asking myself (and anyone who will listen) who lived here, who LIVES here, what do these people do? How was this place built. What would it have been like to live where when it was new? These are all questions I ponder and then naturally I never really do much to further inspect. I love the mystery of it all, the little fictional stories I’ve made up in my own head about the lives and stories of people I’ve never met and may never meet.

Sarah Carpenter