10 Beautiful Spots for an Engagement Session In New York City

10 Beautiful spots for an engagement session in new york city, sarah carpenter photography

Every time I go to New York to “get it out of my system” I just become more obsessed. This city has everything. It is so vibrant and diverse, and with it’s rich culture and stunning architecture, you cannot escape the romance. When I’m there, I fall in love with the art, I fall in love with my husband, I fall in love with the city. Most importantly, New York always gives me a crazy strong energy that gives me such an amazing self confidence. Maybe it’s walking across the street quickly, looking for the cars to stop rather than watching the walk sign. And every time I’m in New York, I find myself choosing all the nooks and crannies where I’d want to do photoshoots. I find myself dreaming of how special my clients would feel, the energy they’d have! There are so many beautiful spots for pictures here, but I’ve narrowed down my list of places to do an engagement session to 10! Scroll to see the full list.

  1. Columbia university campus

2. new York public library

3. the steps of the metropolitan museum of art

4. Bethesda fountain and pavilion

5. the outside of the new York public library

6. the Brooklyn bridge

7. the inside of the metropolitan museum

8. central park

9. the Jaqueline kennedy Onassis resevoir

10. brooklyn

5 Stunning All White Bouquets

 Bouquet by  Sinclair and Moore

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